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MSHOX empowers people on the move to access and locate businesses via multiple mediums and platforms - Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) for mobile phones, and the Internet.

Its proprietary, user friendly, versatile flagship system, is a process technology that possesses fully differential properties and support, not found in other conceptual modalities, blended over simple axioms with minimal typing or prior systemic knowledge:

Query or Browse textually and iconically thru menus featuring -

(A)rea, (B)usiness Name, (C)ategory and (S)pecial Subscriber Controlled Information submitted by password only thru the Internet, that then instantly becomes accessible to the user on both phone and web.

The user can mix up all or any of these 4 search axioms, to get a more, or less, precise return depending on his/her selected option, or wish.

Using a mobile phone or the internet allows one to access both visual static information and dynamic information, in various formats, in real time, that the subscriber has displayed.

The system further stores all telephone numbers of users who are looking for individual or particular types of business for ready reference at a future date, by subscribers, who can then rifle into these demographics, if required.

MSHOX is a fresh and flexible approach to today's quest for vibrant information, and fulfils both the needs of subscribers and users.


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